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Millie Monroe has one bright spot in her life: her job at the library. When her life's work is threatened by an investor determined to destroy everything, her entire world is turned on its ear.

One afternoon, while working alone, Millie encounters a magical book with a secret agenda, which carries her off into a world full of fabulous creatures. From Wizards to Werewolves, Dragons to Santa Claus, each transports her into a realm full of adventure and romance. A wonderful world full of excitement she didn't know she'd been craving has found her!

But the book's revelations are important, both to her and to the library, in ways she could never imagine. She also discovers that when dealing with creatures of the magical variety, even in fairy tales, life isn’t always sunshine and Unicorns. Perhaps when looking for her heart’s desire, she should look no further than her own little corner of the world.

This amazing collection of Fairy Tales for grown ups is brought to you by the Indie Fabs: Renee Gauthier, Jeannie JB Richards, Joanne Van Leerdam, Lyra Shanti, Eva Pasco and Aliya DalRae!

This is a collection that you do NOT want to miss! 
Once Upon A Fabulous Time features two novellas by me - 'Where Darkness Lies' and 'A Rose By Any Other Name'. 
Available in paperback and eBook at Amazon
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